I’ve been posting on my main blog, The Heart and Craft of Life Writing, about my intention to complete a memoir about the years I spent growing up in Los Alamos in the fifties and early sixties. Now I’ve determined that the memoir, which has acquired the title A Los Alamos Girlhood, deserves its own blog, and this is it.

Giving it a separate blog accomplishes several things.

  • The new blog focuses specifically on this project, rather than interweaving it with more general topics.
  • Conversely, this allows The Heart and Craft of Life Writing to retain it’s broader focus, remaining true to its mission, purpose, and the needs of readers.
  • Blogging about the process of writing will keep my feet to the fire (or fingers to the keyboard) through the fact of public accountability.
  • It allows me to share some rather intimate details of the process with others who are on the same path. I hope we get some dialogue going in the comments.
  • Thus this blog becomes a sort of teaching tool, where we all learn together, each from the other.
  • Finally, it will back up and supplement my personal journaling around this process.

I may post every day. I may post more than once a day. I may skip days, even a few weeks. I make no promises about frequency here.

That summarizes my intention, purpose and plan for this blog.

You can read the initial posts about this project here: New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Have to Be a Joke, Mapping My Mind, and A Los Alamos Girlhood.

One last thought: you may notice that this blog is in WordPress while my other is on Blogspot. This gives me an ideal opportunity to compare the two platforms.