I may not post much for several days. I’m visiting my dad, and do we ever have lots to talk about!

On the plane yesterday I made lots of notes. I started using mindmaps. (You can read about those on The Heart and Craft of Life Writing. Use the search bar.) One turned into a sort of flow chart. Funny how old process analysis tools never disappear from memory, though I have not thought of system analysis charts for, uhm, maybe 10 years.

Another trick I used was to write down memories, without any storyline, just the thought. Nothing new there, but it helped me to write them in little chunks, like small text boxes, rotating each a bit differently, so the page is full of things that look like signatures of a whole group on a greeting card. This ploy helps keep my mind loose, from locking onto any particular one, or reverting to linear mode.

If I were at home, I may have torn up some scraps for this purpose. I may print this page out and tear it up. It’s good to be able to move things around.

Thoughts intruded: Will I have enough to justify a whole book here? Will it matter if it’s only 58 pages? Is this worth the effort? Inner Critic talking!

My Inner Cheerleader jumped off the bench: You’ll never know until you try. You committed to doing this. Primarily for yourself. So far it has been VERY worth it.

Hooray for that Inner Cheerleader!