Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. And so it is doing in Pittsburgh. Snowing and snowing. This is great weather for writing, especially about memories of snow back in the days when I was thrilled to see it fall, always hoping it would be deep enough to reach the top of the four-foot chain-link fence in the back yard.

Inspired by our recent and newly arrived onslaughts, I’ve dug in and begun writing about memories of snow. A chapter is quickly taking shape. Is it a specific, distinct memory? No. Not exactly. It’s what is called a Composite Memory, a topic covered in a couple of posts on The Heart and Craft of Life Writing. This tale incorporates several generic memories of what life was like on days it snowed, both school days and others.

It will also include flashbacks to specific memories, like the night we all wondered if Mother would make it safely back up The Hill from Albuquerque in a blizzard, or stay somewhere down there? These were tense moments in that pre-cellular era. Sledding, snowball fights, snowmen, snowsuits. It will all be there, along with some other elements of daily life.

The chapter is a tapestry. Daily life is the background color, and snow events are the motif in this chapter.

Now, back to the page.