Looking at the mishmosh of stories and scenes that I’ve piled up, I’m reminded of jigsaw puzzle pieces. This memoir is a jigsaw puzzle, and there is no picture on the lid. Someone else, perhaps Karen Walker, recently compared her writing project to a jigsaw puzzle. It’s not a new idea for either of us. I don’t know about her, but for me it isn’t time to get serious about assembling the puzzle yet. Too many pieces are still in the box, or lying face down. It’s tempting to start tagging stories together now, and as I write, I do some of that. But no! Keep writing! Just let the stories flow as they will.

One way I’m avoiding this sidetrack is by not printing anything out yet. I won’t print until I have more or less a full draft.

On the other hand, today I launched into a disgusting pile of “stuff” that’s been sitting on a counter in my all-purpose room. Part of the pile was a portfolio of old stories that I’d gone through recently. I found a seventeen page draft of Los Alamos memories that I wrote two or three years ago (I’ve started this project more than once). I need to find the file for that printout and maybe patch it onto the end of my current one.

If it sounds as if I’m going in circles or spinning my wheels, that’s because I am! Back to the story now…