We’ve driven past the apartment where we lived the first ten weeks of our married life, and I discovered that if I’d bothered to look down the road, we were only a couple of blocks from “Aunt” Opal and “Uncle” Ben. They hadn’t lived in that house more than a year or two before I left for college, and I hadn’t firmly fixed its location in my mind, so I never walked up the street to pay a visit. But the issue here is not where they lived, but how to handle their name.

I’ve already included both first and last names for the teacher who lived above us and my boss who lived across the street. I need to decide whether to continue using full names. I need to decide whether I can use full names for some people and stick to first names for others. I’m a little squeamish about using full names for some of the kids I went to school with. In fact, there are a few that I may fictionalize.

How am I going to handle this? I’m baffled.

But obviously it is not a problem until I have the story written, so rather than obsessing at this point, I shall forge ahead. The answer will come clear in good time. Maybe it will appear as a comment. One can always hope.