The juicy  title of this post carries double entendre. Last night I fired up my fingers and got back to work on the scene near Hubby’s first apartment. Obviously this is the time to tell how we met — including details of that first kiss. How far to go? That question was on my mind back then, as well as last night. I’d hoped to finish the scene, but (a) I was tired, way tired, bone tired, and (b) I became befuddled about how much of the summer to tell there and how much to scatter around other places.

For the combination of reasons, I opted to stop in the middle. I learned decades ago that when I hit a point of confusion, if I sleep on it, shower on it, or just do something else for awhile, soon enough it will come clear. Sure enough. This morning I see a couple of places to locate other fragments, and a fuzzy way of threading them together so readers don’t feel stressed by an unsolved puzzle or totally lost is taking dim shape through the fog.So in that sense, if not the other, the answer to “how far to go?” is “as far as you can see.”

Tired or not, I did have fun with the section I just wrote. I used more dialogue in both present and past, and got a little humor in too. Given the tone of the book so far, humor is way past due.