Who knew that I was addicted to my laptop? In general, I’m not, but it is my machine of choice for working on my memoir project. When Hubby announced his intentions to take it along to Scout Camp for two weeks, I shrieked in alarm. “Can’t you take the netbook? … How about the old one (that runs Ubuntu)?”

No. Only the good one will do. The netbook is too slow for downloading photos, and … the Linux machine is even slower and doesn’t have PowerPoint.

Well, that’s only fair. I thought I could do without it for two weeks. I thought. And I can. The thing is, my brain freezes when sitting in my office chair. I can work on other things here. Just not that. Maybe I could … but … lots of other pressing matters have intervened.

So, perhaps the project will benefit from around three weeks off — by the time I factor in a quick visit with the youngest grandchildren right after camp is over.

Isn’t it funny how we become so used to a certain setting to do our writing? I have not decided if that is good or not. It is as it is.